About us

Di Biaggio New York Inc is an innovative clothing company established in New York City that merges fashion and sportswear, designing a unique look for the sports people who want to exercise with style. Di Biaggio New York is founded on the principles that sportswear can be fashionable and stylish, just like any designer clothes New Yorkers proudly wear on the streets. Its sole principle is that clothes make a difference to the people wearing them and Di Biaggio New York favors bright and brave colors that radiate positive energy, good vibes and exquisite fashion.

Inspired by NYC and produced in Europe, Di Biaggio New York fills the gap between fashion and fitness with bold sportswear and comfortably stylish casual wear. What started off a small enterprise in New York is now growing into an international business that merges creative energies from three continents and offers its products to cosmopolitan men and women who want to stand out from the crowd. Focused on quality and individualism, Di Biaggio New York strives to have a dozen of happy customers, rather than thousands of averagely content consumers. We want to be different and we provide customized clothing for teams and groups that share our vision of uniqueness.

We want to redefine the look of sportswear and we invite you to join us.

Stay Different